43.5   -8.6
11 1/2 Cowboys 14 25 4.1
RAMS 21 21 0.0
Column A denotes the Las Vegas point spread.  In this example, the HOME RAMS are expected to win by this margin.  
Column B denotes the participants.
Column C is the Green Cross' predicted "raw-score" or,  the actual predicted final score.
Column C (small) denotes the Las Vegas Over/Under mark.
Column D (C+A) Green Cross' point spread adjusted "final score".
Column E reflects the difference between the values in D (negatives ignored) or, the margin of victory (MOV) over the  spread.
Column E (small) points by which the Over/Under should be determined by.  A negative number would indicate UNDER.
*Wagers on higher MOVs yield best results, especially when "Action Point" (winning/losing on a per-point basis) betting.
** Games with MOVs of 12 or more qualify for a "Best Bet" status.